Rim Lock Cylinders

 Rim Lock Cylinders
* Rim Lock Cylinders & Rim Dummy Cylinders * Ideal Door Lock Replacement for improved Security Home Locks & Security Commercial Locks * Add FREE High Security Locks upgrade *

Reliable commercial door locks, apartment locks, residential door locks & home locks security hardware * A perfect connection to your security locks system *


Door lock key can be matched to your door key system and to your specific requirements * Easy and fast installation * Tailpiece easily converts between horizontal and vertical positions * Most durable retaining cap design * 6-Pins specifications * Solid brass cylinder* Includes cylinder collar * Rekeyable cylinder equipped with anti-picking driver pins *

Buy Now! Ideal Door Lock Replacement for improved Security Home Locks & Security Commercial Locks * Add FREE High Security Locks upgrade * Don't wait until you or your family members become theft or burglary victimS, call 1-866-444-7676 for your FREE Gift, when you Order Today!

"If buying the right locks were only this easy at my local hardware store" C.C. McGrath, VA

*High security entry locks key blanks are only available through this website which carefully ensures that keys are not issued without official authorization (Please see our High Security Keys page)* Manufacturer full one year mechanical and security door locks finish warranty * Lifetime Service Guarantee* 5 Year Trade-In Guarantee * Includes 2 keys * Please note that when keying alike you do not get more keys for each lock you order * Extra Key Copies are available for an additional fee * Great Value & High Quality high security Rim Locks Sets & Rim Dummy Cylinders * Our High Security Rim Locks & Rim Dummy Cylinders match most popular commercial door locks, home locks, residential door locks & apartment locks systems including Yale, Schlage, Kwikset and Sargent * Customize Your Security Door Locks & Keys , Simplify Door & Padlock High Security To A Single key * The Keys You Have Can Be Keyed, FREE of charge, yo your new entry door locks sets and padlocks! Call To Find Out How. Check-Out our complete selection of High Security Door Locks. We offer a great selection of: High Security Keyed Knob Locks, High Security Deadbolt Locks, High Security Lever Door Locks, Security Mortise Door Lock Cylinders & High Security Padlocks.

FAQ: I can get a rim cylinder included with a latch lock for less than your rim cylinder door lock alone, why should I buy yours? Those packaged rim locks cost less well...because they're cheap in every way! The poor grade materials and general lack of in these locks do not compare with our professional quality rim cylinders door locks plus ours assure smooth and reliable operation every time. ------- Mr. Munoz

Commercial Door Locks

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Rim Lock Cylinders