Panic Bars For Doors-Panic Bar Device
Push Bars For Narrow Stile Glass Doors

<big>Panic Bars ~ Exit Devices</big>
Panic Bars ~ Exit Devices
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<big>Panic Bars ~ Exit Devices</big>

Panic Door Device: our Emergency Panic Bars for Doors are fire Rated, Grade 2 Commercial 32" - 36" Width. Rim Cylinder, Lever or Knob Lock Exit Hardware compatible. These Emergency Exit-Panic Devices provide the best combination of simplicity, strength, durability and pleasing aesthetics. Panic Bars are installed on the interior side of the door and are usually complimented with exit trim hardwares like levers or knobs which go on the exterior side of the door for secure keyed entry. Touch Bar style panic exit device are suitable for all doors (aluminum, hollow metal, or wood) where there is no projection on the face and are the perfect solution for any Emergency Exit-Panic Device application. Its up to date features fully comply with standard Fire Department regulations.

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Also known as Push Bars or Crash Bars, these Panic Bars are built for long lasting commercial use for doors up to 96" high and 32" - 36" wide and a stile of 4-1/4" minimum. ANSI Grade 2 with a fire rating of 1-1/2 hours. UL Listed, so you can be sure that this safety device has met accepted and consistently tested safety standards. In addition, this Panic Bar comes with a 1/2" latch bolt and 5/8" deadlocking bolt to create a secure connection between the door and exit device, ensuring that the panic bar will function properly for use after use. Equipped with dogging, which can be set to keep the panic bar unlocked by fastening the crossbar in the depressed position and keeping the bolts in a retracted position, meaning that the door can be opened from either side. A perfect design for medium to high usage areas.

Panic Door Device is made of extruded anodized Aluminum Push Bar, stainless steel spring, throw and latch quality materials. Projects 2-1/2" with a backset of 2-3/4" for a maximum door thickness 1-3/4".

Push Bars For Aluminum Narrow Stile Glass Doors

Select "Narrow Stile Glass Door" in selection type box for single narrow stile glass doors (or pairs of doors with center mullion): • These fit in the standard narrow stile cutout used for the famous Adams Rite M.S. deadlock • Have 4 additional holes for fasteners complete the simple stile preparation • Bolt throw: 5/8" • Backset : 1-1/8" • Normal no load actuation requires only 8 lb. pressure anywhere along bar • At rest, bar protects 2-5/8" above stile surface • Dogging provision is by hex key furnished, requiring a single quarter turn in center of the pushbar on new style • Handing is field reversible (left or right) • Have flat aluminum face • Aluminum pushbar


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Panic Bars For Doors-Panic Bar Device
Push Bars For Narrow Stile Glass Doors