The Evolution Of Door Lock Security

Higher Door Lock Security

The evolution of door locks security and keys has been long and necessary begining with the warded mechanism, commonly used in primitive locks, believed to be invented by ancient Greeks, and with the development of the padlock, credited to the Romans and Chinese.

The keys for operating these simple locks, sometimes made of wood, reported to be so large they were carried over the shoulder. During this period, the Romans also ingeniously developed keys which could be worn as finger rings.

Much later, in the 19th century, technology advanced to the development of the break-through tumbler cylinder using springs and made mass production of affordable and reliable security locks available. The keys for these newer locks systems, were much smaller and very much like the keys and door lock security we enjoy today.

Since the invention of pin tumbler locks there have been many innovations and improvements to increase the lock security offered. The modern door locks security cylinder we know today is offered in many different designs and are fabricated with many different degrees of quality.

High Security Entry Locks, Padlocks and Keys offer a new dimension in security locks and key control. These systems are designed for consumers who need protection primarily against picking, drilling, bumping, and other forms of physical attack, including unauthorized key duplication. These high security entry locks may have an exclusive side milling. Keys and service for genuine high security entry locks and keys are provided immediately after ownership and authorization have been properly verified.

This door lock security system particularly offers special benefits such as pick proof cylinders, bump proofing, drill resistance, conrolled key issuance and duplication, patent protected key control distribution, also, other key makers are prohibited by contract from generating any key copies.

The continued evolution of locks and keys, married with the latest technology is impressive. And will continue to advance in amazing ways well into the future.

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The Evolution Of Door Lock Security