Maximum Security Keys

Maximum Security Keys
$9.95, 50/$447.75

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Maximum Security Keys
Maximum features for your money! Our American made Maximum Security Keys system offers a new dimension in security locks and key control.

Widely used in Commercial Quality Locks and designed for consumers who need protection primarily against picking, drilling, bumping, and other forms of physical attack, including unauthorized key duplication.

Maximum Security Keys have an exclusive side milling and are ONLY available through this web-site. This system also provides the flexibility of local keying into most existing Schlage key sections and utilizes our exclusive (side bitted) keys to operate both key systems allowing for added purchase economy.

Keys and service are provided immediately after ownership and authorization have been properly verified. Please click the Add to Cart icon for each key copy that you have already selected for each lock purchase. If you do not compute your purchases, we will do it for you and add the applicable amount to your order; if you are unsure of your rate, please call us at (787) 798-3700 or E-mail us at * Please note that cut keys cannot be refunded, returned, cancelled or credited but are 100% guranteed in materials and workmanship * Check-Out our complete selection of High Security Door Locks.

* Pick Proof * Bump Proof * Drill Resistant * Conrolled Key Issuance & Duplication * Provides Economical Security Solutions & Up-grades * Strong Nickle Silver Keys * Patent Protected Key Control Distribution * Other Key Makers Are Prohibited By Contract From Generating Any Key Copies *

Commercial Door Locks

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Maximum Security Keys