Mailbox Locks & Mailbox Keys

<big>Mailbox Locks</big>
Mailbox Locks
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<big>Mailbox Locks</big>
Die Cast Cam Locks for Mailboxes: Residential Mailboxes & Commercial Mailboxes. Clip mounted cylinder Cam Locks for architectural aluminum panel Mailboxes.

Mailbox Keys, release in locked position only. Mailboxes cylinder length is 5/8" with a 3/4" diameter and spun-in place cam. This lock uses steel contoured cams for extra strength. Please make sure to select the correct lock model# according to cylinder pawl "tail" locked position ilustrated below.


These Security Mailbox Locks protect you and your family from mail or identity theft and even foolish pranks, possibly from ignorant neighborhood kids.
Our Mailbox Locks are extremely easy to install providing you peace of mind knowing your mail and parcel is more secure with Security Mailbox Locks and not with just a cheap replacement lock, bought at a chain home improvement store, that may lack expert advise and ending up with a lock that may not work properly on your mailbox lid.

Save big with our Residential Mailboxes, Commercial Mailboxes Locks & Mailbox Keys. Buy Now!

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Insider's Tip: For those Mailbox Locks that have lost their keys, simply leave a note on the panel mailbox lid and instruct the postman to please remove the keyless lock, (Postmen have access to unlock your panel lid section), and leave it inside to be promptly replaced. Note that U.S.P.S does not continue to deliver mail or parcels to mailboxes that are not locked or are at full capacity of contents!

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Manufacturer full one year mechanical and security door lock finish warranty * Includes 2 keys * Extra Key Copies are available for an additional fee * Great Value & High Quality Security * We offer a great selection of: Security Key In Knob Cylindrical Locks, Security Deadbolt Locks, Security Lever Handle Cylindrical Locks, Security Rim Lock Cylinders & Rim Dummy Cylinders, Security Mortise Lock Cylinders & Heavy Duty Security Padlocks.


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Mailbox Locks & Mailbox Keys