Commercial Electric ~ Magnetic Door Locks
* Includes Wireless Remotes *

Magnetic  Door Locks <small>Includes Wireless Remotes</small>
Magnetic Door Locks Includes Wireless Remotes
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Magnetic  Door Locks <small>Includes Wireless Remotes</small>

Electric ~ Magnetic Door Locks with wireless remotes can automatically secure your entry door allowing the manager to control when customers may enter while allowing those already inside to exit the business or office by pressing an exit button. Recessed locking mounting available, mortises into door frame for inconspicuous security.

Includes every thing you need for fast installation. You get it all with this specialy packaged Magnetic Lock System. And as a Bonus get Free USPS Shipping so hurry and buy your Magnetic Door Lock kit Today!

Magnetic Door Locks

Also known as, Convenience Store Magnetic Lock Kit Systems * This is a unique system with wireless features, superior than standard (coil type) buzz in locks * Perfect locking capability for commercial aluminum stile and glass door entrance systems * Dependable commercial door electric magnetic locks (key less entry system lock) * Commercial Magnetic Door Locks Kits feature low power consumption * Provides a traffic control solution for areas requiring resticted access * Best sugguested for commercial application of magnetic door control * Optional glass door adhesive kit with bracket permits installations on a solid glass door without frame; permanently bonded to the glass with a special adhesive where strike plate screws into the bracket, as glass door cannot be drilled * Magnetic Locks for Glass, Wood, Aluminum and other Metal Doors * Architectural quality * Reliable door security & electrical magnetic door control * CE Certified

Recessed~Mortise Mag Lock
Recessed~Mortise Magnetic Lock Mounting Type
Perfect For Sliding Doors

Anodized clear aluminum finish * electronic locks * Adjustable keyhole mounting bracket * Instant release * 12 volt DC power supply included * 1 momentary exit button included * 1 momentary exterior entry button for door alert buzzer * 1 electronic DC door alert buzzer * Exterior On-Off Tubular Key Switch * Includes Wireless Reciever & Two Bi-Channel Remotes * Wireless Entry Chime Announcer * Surface mounting on/off toggle switch * 50ft. of 4 ply electrical cable included * Easy access wiring cavity * Stabilizing 4-hole mag mounting * No residual magnetism * Uses low energy consumption yet bonds door solidly * Hardened steel armaturenut * Up to 600 Lbs. Holding Force or optional 1,100lbs. or optional 1,200lbs. (water-resistant/for exterior use) * UL Listed & CE Certified * Electric Commercial Magnetic Lock Kit includes complete 60 Day Dealer Guarantee * Surface Mounting Type Is Ideal For Single Outswinging or Inswinging Doors * Recessed~Mortise Mounting Type also works great for single outswinging or inswinging doors plus sliding door setups (can be recessed~mortise installed into top, bottom or lateral door frame) requires 8 1/2" x 1 9/16" opening * 600 - 1,100lbs. holding force locks are NOT for direct exterior use except 1,200lbs.(water-resistant) lock * Please see your DIY Savings! Plus, all this backed by our exclusive Best Low Price Guarantee!

Don't forget that for limited or unusual doors and frames, use our adapter bracket kit for a sure fit. This kit includes one "Z" bracket and one "L" bracket for mounting on inswing doors. The "Z" bracket consists of two parts and is adjustable for flexible positioning of the armature plate. Also includes cover plate to hide mounting screws. An "L" bracket is also included for special-use mounting applications where space is insufficient for the mounting of the magnet.

Glass Door Adhesive & Bracket Kit

Please click here for our How To Install A Magnetic Lock for magnetic electric locks * Check-Out our complete selection of High Security Door Locks.


"Thanks for your very helpful installation instructions over the phone, our magnetic office locks works great...'" --- Juliet Tisch, CA

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Commercial Electric ~ Magnetic Door Locks
* Includes Wireless Remotes *