Home & Commercial Locks & Services Reimagined

Home & Commercial Locks & Services Reimagined
Peace of mind begins at your front door with peerless Home & Commercial Locks, your first line of defense. We are proud to have contributed to the safe guarding of property and possessions and even assuring the general safety of countless employees and families through our field proven product line recommendations of our seasoned staff. Your safety is paramount!

If you’ve just moved into a new home or apartment, or if the keys to your business have been compromised in any way, we strongly recommend that you have your doors fitted with new locks. If you think about it…do you really know how many other people have a key? Why take a chance? According to FBI statistics, every 13 seconds a property is burglarized, sometimes without forceable means --- that's 8,600 break ins every day!

Our premium Commercial Locks and Home Door Locks can help keep dangerous criminals from breaking into your business or residence. We sell the most commonly used Commercial Locks and residential door locks (aka key in knob), deadbolt locks, lever handle locks, rim and mortise lock cylinders, door latch protectors, door closers, padlocks, and other relevant accessories, all available with Security Key protection!

Our product line focuses on strength, durability and attractive styling and is designed for retail, office and home enviroments where simple maintenance and reliable security is highly desired. Need help choosing? Get expert answers from our friendly consultants, please see our Get Your Answers Here page.

Reliability, integrity and service are hallmarks of our personally selected expert staff --- whether you're up-grading your door locks for your business or home. Enjoy the convenience of dealing with knowledgeable professionals you can trust, featuring easy security solutions for your particular needs, providing valuable peace of mind. With us, you can have 24/7 access to locksmith specialists who can customize options to accommodate your specific needs.

According to The National Sheriff's Association, located in Alexandria, Va., a good way for reducing that your property will be burglarized is to up-grade protection on vulnerable areas of your property by means of physical security devices, hardware is available for locks which will deter a burglar. Also, as a general rule, The National Crime Prevention Council, located in Arlington, Va., highly recommends that all exterior doors should be protected with a lock that has at least five pins in its mechanism and that each should also have a deadbolt lock for additional security.

Our experience has proven that the most efficient and least expensive ways to improve the security of your premises is through the control and management of keys. Not every user has the same key control needs. This is why we offer different key systems to meet a wide variety of security specifications and key access requirements. Security locks have unique pin configurations, hardened cylinders, and other important burglar-thwarting designs. Noticeable pluses: Most resistant to picking, drilling, bumping, and don’t allow unauthorized key duplication.

Our Maximum & High Security key systems offer a new dimension in security locks and key control. These Security keys have an exclusive milling ( High Security ) or side bitting ( Maximum Security ) and are ONLY available through this web-site. Author, Marc Weber Tobias, of Locks, Safes, and Security, pointed out, security locks offer increased protection against most forms of unauthorized entry, only locksmiths sell these locks, not retail stores. In a 2006 analysis on lock bumping, Tobias noted, many times property owners or managers will not pay for notably superior quality, believing that it really does not matter. Security professionals concur that this is not true, it does matter and that there is no substitute for genuine security locks.

Studies by the Department of Commerce estimate that employees steal over a billion dollars a week from their employers. This is also known as shrinkage, where money or mechandise loss from a business, a retailer's success is dependent on the amount of shrinkage it experiences. Typically, 50% comes from exployee theft, according to Bloomington, Minnesota, Police Department. Other studies estimate that nearly one third of all business bankruptcies are caused by employee theft.

Keys distributed to employees for Commercial Locks hardware should be stamped DO NOT DUPLICATE and be protected against duplication by utility patents, install new locks and issue new numbered keys whenever employees are no longer with the business. We can particularly help your business reduce employee theft and improve home security through our Exclusive High Security cylinders specifically designed to improve the overall security and safety at businesses and homes of all types and sizes.

Maximize convenience and key control. While our specialty is commercial & residential door locks hardware, we also provide a wide range of services pertinent to other aspects of locksmithing such as keying functions to meet your individual needs. Simplify security to a single key. Use the same key for all your door and padlocks if you like, have them keyed individually but working with a Master key, or you can use the same key that already opens your existing locks with our new Heavy Duty locks! Our locks match and work with most popular commercial and residential security lock systems including Yale, Schlage, Kwikset and Sargent.

Easily install our Commercial Locks or Home Door Locks yourself if you are a handy do-it yourselfer, or you can hire out and have someone install or replace the door locks for you. Want peace of mind? For nationwide service professionals, please see our Nationwide Professional Installation Referrals page. page and our helpful How To Install a Door Lock page. You can also call us for free tech-support!

You can be confident that your expectations with us will be exceeded. We want you, the consumer, to be completely satisfied with your purchase. Our door locks are further complemented with free custom services and backed by our extraordinary manufacturer and dealer guarantees. Most orders are shipped the next business day. For RUSH! orders, please call us to assure the fastest delivery. If you have any comments or questions regarding your purchase, please contact us 24/7 via e-mail, regular mail, fax or simply call us (787) 798-3700, during business hours.

We ensure peace of mind by delivering comprehensive, customized, top security locking solutions and services nationwide. For more information, please see our Secure Access to Trusted Service...for Life ! page. For reliable Heavy Duty Commercial Locks & Residential Security Locks, please see our product pages for: Deadbolts Single & Double Cylinder Door Locks, Mortise Cylinder Door Locks Keyed, Thumbturn & Dummy, Rim Cylinder Keyed & Dummy Door Locks, Key In Knob Cylindrical & Lever Handle Cylindrical Entrance, Storeroom, Communicating, Classroom, Privacy & Bathroom, Passage & Closet --- Architectural Quality Door Locks. * FREE Gift On Orders Over $100 * FREE Shipping * 100% Satisfaction Guarantee * Check-Out our complete selection of High Security Door Locks. Enjoy Higher Security Today! Call Us Now 1-866-444-7676 For FREE Quotes & Advice.

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Home & Commercial Locks & Services Reimagined