Little Known Facts.

Harry Houdini: His real name was Ehrich Weiss (1874-1926). He was the most spectacular locksmith in history. Houdini demonstrated masterful ability in extricating himself from restraining devices such as ropes, handcuffs, locked trunks and bonds of other sorts. At one time he had himself tied with rope and then locked in a packing case,which was secured with steel straps and submerged into the harbor off the Battery in New York City. Houdini reappeared, unshackled, on the surface of the water in less than 60 seconds!

Harry Soref: The world famous Master Lock is founded in 1921 by Harry Soref, a locksmith. During 1925, escape artist Harry Houdini fails to escape sheriff's handcuffs and collaborates with Harry Soref in techniques to hide keys under the tongue and between fingers.

Charles Peace: Also known as the King of the Cat Burglars. Peace was a skilled violin player, "although it was his ability as a cat burglar that gained him wealth and fame in late 19th century England. As adept as he was with music, Peace was equally accomplished as a cat burglar. During his lifetime, few people knew his face, but many all over England knew his name and his deeds. Charles Peace epitomized the master criminal, and helped cast crime in a romantic light that obfuscated its true nature. His bold offenses and almost supernatural ability to escape from the clutches of the law embarrassed Scotland Yard and entertained the public," --- Ironically when he was finally caught and hanged on 1879, it was for the murder of a rival in a love triangle!

Bel Air Burglars: Bel Air, California, one of the nation's wealthiest neighborhoods, has been burglarized for years, stealing an estimated $20 million in loot, between 2003-2007! Several security companies assinged to these premises, have been sued by the rich and famous who have properties in these areas.

Linus Yale, Sr., Jr.: "Linus Yale, Jr. (1821 - 1868) was an American mechanical engineer and manufacturer, best known for his inventions of locks, especially the cylinder lock. His locks are still widely distributed in today’s society, and constitute a majority of personal locks and safes. Linus Yale, Jr. was born in Salisbury, NY. Yale’s father, Linus Yale, Sr. opened a lock shop in the 1840s in Newport, NY, specializing in bank locks. Yale soon joined his father in his business and introduced some revolutionary locks that utilized permutations and cylinders,"

John Junkunc: John Junkunc, founder of American Lock, arrived from Hungary initially as a railroad machinist in the early 1900's. As history has demonstrated that necessity is the mother of invention, he invented the first dial combination lock because of frequently misplaced keys. American Lock later established innovations, such as affordable solid steel pad locks, double ball locking mechanisms, high security cover plates, serrated pins, and shackle-less pad locks.

Brass Keys: This is a metal alloy consisting essentially of copper and zinc in variable proportions. Brass is almost exclusively used for generating lock key duplicates because of its relative hardness and corrosion resistance. Other metals like steel and nickle are also used for key manufacturing but brass is the favorite because of its lower production cost.

Lock Picking Hobby Groups: Organized groups have originated in Germany and have spread though-out europe and recently to North America. Lock picking or Steel Bolt Hacking, as this hobby is also less commonly known, has become a hobby among many computer people and college students. The group members must be endorsed by fellow members which already abide to a code of ethics and contract agreements that basically state that a member would not use his lock picking knowledge to commit a crime, which includes a promise to pick only locks that they have been given consent to pick open.

"Ice Picking" Door Locks: This is a known method used by thiefs to unlawfully penetrate premises. Usually a long metal rod with a flat tip is forced just above the top rim housing of a lock and pryed against the door surface area hence used to manipulate open the door lock latch or bolt device. Also, the metal rod can be used to forceably press aside the door lock housing just enough to gain access to the locking mechanism. This method requires physical strength and may only work on grade 3 door locks even if they are properly installed!

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Little Known Facts.