Extraordinary Lifetime Service Guarantee

 Lifetime Guarantee
Our lifetime rekeying service guarantee is a great advantage to all our customers. When a customer buys a new lockset, deadbolt or handleset, they may also want the convenience of having one key operate all locks in their business' or homes. Most people are not aware that rekeying service exists. They go through life adding more and more keys to an already overcrowded key ring. Locksmiths, like we, provide valuable rekeying services for extra customer convenience.

When keying two locks alike, you are actually changing the pin-tumblers in one of the locks so that it will have the same "cut combination" as the other. Therefore, "repinning" is a more accurate word to use than "rekeying." But that's what it has been called for generations and we're not about to change that. "Keying alike" is just another term for rekeying.

When our customers purchase any of our locks, they have selected a superior product which provides them with the extra security and peace of mind they need. A single key for all the locks in their business or home adds security as well as convenience. Or you can have the keys you already have, keyed to your new locks, FREE of charge! Call (787)798-3700 to find out how. This is the feeling of security that our customers are searching for.

All of our locks, are made with six-pin cylinders so there are more key cut combinations, which makes it more difficult to pick and less likely that any two people will have matching keys.


Keyed Alike(KA)- This provides "same key" convenience and eliminates the need for multiple keys where numerous locks are used. All locks in the set are keyed the same. Door locks and padlocks can be ordered keyed alike.

Master Keyed (MK)- In a master keyed system, the master key opens all locks in the system although each lock or group of locks, has its own unique key. Master keyed items are ideal for permitting supervisory or emergency access.

Rekeyable Locks- Lock cylinders can be removed and replaced to restore security quickly without requiring a new lock. This is ideal for situations where keys are lost or stolen due to theft or employee turnover.

This guarantee is exclusively for consumers on this website. It includes our promise to exchange defective locks or to modify and service the key codes of your new lock hardware purchased at this website at your request at no cost, during the lifetime of the lock hardware registered to the original owner.

Our quality engineered cylinder is removable in seconds, this will save you time and money. In the event that an urgent key change is required, immediately use the already supplied core cylinders. The customer may want to have this work done by a local professional locksmith ( Please see our "Nationwide Professional Installation Referrals" page ), or try installing these --- guided by our "Core Cylinder Replacement Instructions" page (see link below).

The customer may also want to give their details to one of our service technicians, we will immediately ship a replacement lock to the registered address without requiring to return the lock first. The customer will then be temporally charged on your credit card for the value of the hardware and shipping/handling charges to use this loan service option. But the hardware charge will then be properly reimbursed again to the customer's credit card once these are returned to us. The customer will have 14 days to replace the defective or service lock with the replacement lock and ship the original one back to us before this transaction is considered a product sale. Please see other important details in our 5 YEAR TRADE-IN GUARANTEE page.

Please contact us and specify which new keying configuration option (keyed different, keyed alike, master keyed or other). IMPORTANT: Keyways must match for all keying services.

Plus, you can take advantage of our FREE Expert Tech-Support, if ever needed. Essential proof of purchase is required with no exceptions.

Please note that new key generation will require a key duplicate product fee. All shipping and handling costs will be prepaid by the customer.

We stock what you need! Many items that are available by special order request are not included in this web-site. If you have a need for any item that we do not stock, call us to let us quote you a price and delivery schedule. Orders placed with manufacturers for products of custom size, function, design or finish, will require full advanced payment at time of order. In addition, orders for these products will be non-cancelable and non-returnable.

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Extraordinary Lifetime Service Guarantee