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Lost Key Registry Service... You Can't Afford Not To Register!

Key Code Registry
You've just lost those keys again and you haven't any copies! To replace these would normally require going through the trouble of time and expense just having these replaced. Luckily, if you've lost your key you can easily find it for FREE, in our Lost Key Registry but you must sign up first!

This is the only Key Code Registry service anywhere on-line! Countless keys are lost everyday, everywhere. The problem is that most keys cost $150(or much more) to be replaced if there are no duplicates available. Finally, a unique service that can effectively solve this problem for as little as $29.95 via Priority Mail or $39.95 Express Mail(+$24.80 for each additional key code). With our key code registry you can enjoy significant savings delivered to your door next day.

The original manufacturer key digits stamped on the key is the information we need to reproduce your lost key. Sometimes these same key digits can also be found on the lock cylinder.

Your submitted data is digitaly stored and provided to you FREE, when requested. Your key code data may be used by a professional locksmith of your choosing in the event that our services are not immediately convenient to you at the time.

Typically on vehicle keys the lock number is alphanumeric, but it could consist of numbers on other types of locks. If your lock number consists of numbers only we will need the manufacturer of the vehicle or lock. For vehicle key manufacturing, solicitor's proof of ownership is required.

Please click on our form button below and carefully enter your details. Register your keys now for FREE & save lots of money tommorow!

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ALERT:Leaving spare keys under your doormat or under your car's bumper makes it that much easier for crooks to steal. Keep spare keys away from clear sight.

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Boomerang Keys
Lost Key Registry Service... You Can't Afford Not To Register!