Commercial Entry Alert Chime - Alarm

Entry Alert Chime
Entry Alert Chime
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This Entry Alert Chime - Alarm works with an invisible infrared beam which monitors up to 60 ft. of space (line of sight) between the two units. When the beam is crossed a loud alarm or a pleasant alert chime sound is emitted. Its alarm mode can also be used to scare off intruders (in this mode the chime sounds continously until you turn it off). In the chime mode, retail stores in businesses can use it to announce customers or alert when someone enters an area that is employee only.

In the chime mode, volume can be set to low, medium, or high. Paired unit has two AC adapters included and be used with AA back up batteries not included. One of the units effectively sounds the selected alert mode. The dimensions are 4 and three-eighths inches x 3 inches x 1 and one-eighths inches. Please note that this item works best when it is placed one foot off the ground or higher.


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Commercial Entry Alert Chime - Alarm