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Good Home & Commercial Lock Hardware Security are deterrents since they reduce the chance for an easy burglary, The National Sheriff's Assoc. Your home & business deserve better lock hardware protection. This is why our Secure Door Locks are not just nice to have but a MUST-HAVE for real peace of mind. Don't wait to become a theft or burglary victim, order here your new Home Door Lock & Commercial Door Locks today! [Security Door Locks]

Real Buglary Caught On Video

Many break-ins are easily achieved because of improperly locked doors or open windows in homes, apartments, businesses including commercial buildings. As told by career burglars, once breaking and entering, "the most predictable spots for kept valuables are master bedrooms and of course --- safes." According to old police wisdom, thiefs will rarely try to break into a safe, but if it is not anchored, they'll take it along with the loot.

Besides the fact of being robbed of your store merchandise,office equipment or perhaps your personal belongings, burglaries can leave their victims a prolonged sense of insecurity. Discourage becoming a potential break-in victim today! Purchase here your certified Heavy Duty Door Lock Hardware for Commercial Lock & Home Door Locks use. Call Now toll free at 1-866-219-3088 for fast and easy ordering of any of our other fine Secure Door Locks. For serious protection, make sure you take a look at our latest Electronic Keyless Door Locks section. For added protection make sure to visit our friends, Safes - Wilson safes deliver security products and solutions to home and commercial security to protect their assets.Construction Business Directory

Better Door Lock Hardware.

Get your Secure Door Lock Hardware here or you can try our friends with their specialty Door Locks - "Visit our online Store for the best in cheap door locks. We have an exclusive range of security door locks, keyless door locks such as a fingerprint door locks, electronic locks and more available for sale at discount prices."

Have no doubt that High Security Entry Locks Sets Are Your First Line Of Defense. Our Commercial Door Locks, Apartment Locks, Home Door Locks & Residential Locks Offer Durable Protection, including our bargain Commercial Glass Door Locks, fashinable Lever Handles and our latest Keyless Keypad Door Lock system. You Get More Than Locks, You Get Real Security & Peace Of Mind !

According to a national consumer magazine,two-thirds of commercial,residential,home & apartment burglaries involve forced entry,succeeding partly because of poor door locks. A burglary occurs every 13.7 seconds in the U.S. and the chance of your home being burglarized is 1 to 6. Now is the time to examine whether or not your home,apartment or business - Entrance Locks - are more vulnerable than they should be. The current crime reports are more than reason to replace your existing Door Lock Hardware for our new High Security Locks,assuring increased protection. [High Security Locks Sets] InspectionNews: Home Inspector Support - Everything A Home Inspector Needs To Know About Home Inspections. Construction Directory

We can help! Shop with confidence our quality for value Door Locks and High Security Door Locks, Commercial Lock Hardware & OE Car Locks. We sell guaranteed quality Entrance Locks (Commercial Door Locks, Residential Locks, Home Door Locks, Apartment Locks, Car Locks, plus Magnetic Electric Lock kits), unlike anywhere on the internet. Our High Security Locks Hardware product line features reliable Construction designed to protect against lock-picking or "key-bumping" & when properly installed, our locks will also resist kicking, sawing, prying, and even hammering! We offer a great selection in popular finishes, guaranteed to retro-fit all standard manufactured doors with simple installation and free Same Key operation. Cool Web Site Listings Free Web Directory - Add Your Link.

Check-out our Entry Locks Sets: Keyed Knob Locks, Deadbolt Locks, Lever Door Locks, Rim Locks Cylinders & Rim Dummy Cylinders, Mortise Locks, Security Padlocks & our new selection of specialty Office Furniture Locks & Keys. Whether you're fighting theft or unauthorized entry,we can help arm you with solid solutions for your home, commercial or office security needs. Please see our latest section of Commercial Electric Locks .

Great Savings On Car Door Locks & More.

According to the FBI, (Federal Bureau of Investigation), Uniform Crime Reports, a motor vehicle is stolen in the United States every 26.4 seconds; that’s 2,880 cars a day, or over one million a year. Chances are that you too, have already had a Car Lock that has been vandalised or is just simply malfunctioning, perhaps suspect to an auto theft attempt. Don't any longer, your automobile may already be an easy target as it is,get your Car Locks fixed today!

According to the FBI’s unified crime report, some cars and Commercial vehicle's were stolen by kids having fun, others by people making money. The cars stolen by the kids are often recovered, the others much less so.

Here are the worst states for vehicle theft:

1- California
2- Texas
3- Florida
4- Arizona
5- Michigan
6- Washington
7- Georgia
8- Illinois
9- Ohio
10- New York

You can easily, quickly and economically restore your business or personal vehicle's Lock Security, when you buy from our Car Key Switch, Car Door Locks & Electronic Car Keys selection. You get genuine Car Locks Replacements. As an authorized aftermarket Car Locks dealer for General Motors, Ford & Mercury, Chrysler, Dodge & Jeep, our Car Locks Replacements adhere to the high quality standards required by OE manufacturers. Those standards extend to our customer technical support and product information services on all our Car Lock products.

Your Commercial vehicle's make money. That's why its important to keep those wheels rolling. We have the products to keep your fleet moving foward --- so you can concentrate on running the business. - Business Directory

Real Auto Theft Caught On Video

Get peace of mind. Request that your Car Door Lock order be customized to your existing vehicle key, including the latest Electronic Car Chip Keys. Count on our professionalism and vast experience for your American engineered Car Key Switch & Car Door Locks hardware. Our original parts assure you unsurpassed reliability and high value on all our manufacturer authorized Car Locks. These include: Ford, Mercury, Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, Buick, Chevrolet, Chevy, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Cadillac, General Motors & GMC. Check-out our great selection of Ignition Key Lock Cylinders , Car Door Locks & Electronic Car Keys. Find the Car Lock security you need, right here! Take a look at The Ultimate Theft Proof Car.

Accessible Secure Door Locks.

Secure Door Locks solutions for every budget. You can be confident with the quality of our popular Door Lock Security hardwares due to their durability, reliability and convenience. Rest assured that you will receive superior security for your Home and Commercial Lock needs and at affordable prices.

We offer worry-free Commercial Door Locks and Home Door Lock sets with patented key control complimented with real world funcionality and durability. Their attractive appearance and smooth operation are available in security lock designs such as: Lever Lock, Entrance Lock, Deadbolt Lock, Knob Lock, Security Padlock and even in Electric Magnetic Door Locks architechure.

Besides coordinating hardware styles with most Home Door Locks and Commercial Door Locks, these also exceed ANSI & BHMA Grade 2 top performance and operation requirements, built with all metal locking mechanisms and universal latches to fit all standard door preps. These meet commercial and exceed residential Security Lock Hardware requirements:

Knobs - Will Withstand
- 400,000 cycles
- 4 door strikes
- 250 pound weight test

Deadbolts - Will Withstand
- 400,000 cycles
- 5 door strikes (hammer test)

Also, our top Lever Lock (Entry Locks Lever Sets) product line comes with improved Commercial Lock aesthetic upgrades on all non-handed reversible Levers to easily fit on any left and right hand doors. This also applies to all our Knob Lock and Deadbolt Locks and other Entrance Lock products available at this on-line store. You can also get free one key convenience, keyable to match most popular lock and Security Padlock brands.

For over 25 years, we have been providing our customers with high value, quality High Security Entry Locks - key control Security Locks Sets systems which provide optimal keying flexibility & affodability,along with convenient & thoughtful usage features. Our Front Door Security Lock Hardware,High Security Entry Locks,Deadbolt Locks,Keyed Knob Locks,Lever Door Locks,Mortise Locks,Entrance Locks & Padlocks can also be customized to match popular lock brands such as Yale,Schlage & Master Lock.

Top quality Security Locks. Don't let our lower prices mislead you. All our New Door Locks are of exceptional quality, but don't take our word for it. Find out what other customers think. Read our testimonials! Since 1982, thousands of already satisfied customers prove, that our Home & Commecial Door Lock Security products are perfect for enhancing your home's or business' security. Browse our latest selection of "hard to find" specialty Office Furniture Locks & Keys. Don't wait, order yours today!

Secure Home & Commercial Quality Locks...For Life!

Our customers enjoy the Peerless Door Lock advantage of our highly reliable door lock security, uncompromising service quality and peace of mind that we provide. Because a regular lock may not be enough to deter a would be criminal, we offer you our best value in Secure Door Lock Hardware and custom locksmith services anywhere on the internet. Our products are precision engineered and hand crafted for exceptional Commercial Lock strength, durability and for Home Door Locks, attractive styling. One try tells you we're different.

When poor quality Lock Hardware is in place, then it can be defeated within a few seconds. Over coming lock hardware can be much more difficult as higher quality locks are employed. There is no substitute for high security locks.

We continue to build our reputation on knowlegeable and personalized service. As an on-line provider of security lock hardware and services, you won't pay the industry standard markup on our door locks. We can offer you the same quality product features for less than our competitors. This retail store markup is why High Security Locks are often very expensive. That has changed. Our quality for value product line and complementary custom services set a new standard in access control and key systems management perfect for Commercial Lock applications.

Our family owned and operated company has personally selected our technical staff which consists of bonded and certified expert locksmiths with over 25 years of proven experience in the security hardware field. This level of expertise and service is something that other retailers can't provide. We have dedicated technical specialists for our product line, allowing for efficient inventory management, and making it easy for our customers to access specific information about any product in our Secure Door Locks catalog. You can rely on us for specific solutions to your individual needs.

This website is designed to provide you outstanding security products and unsurpassed custom services that, together, deliver premium value of accessable high quality home & business door locks as well as for American made Car Locks, along with complementary virtual locksmithing services.

We can provide you with not just fine New Door Locks, but the right Security Lock Hardware. All constructed of quality materials with precision machined parts and with the most respected industry certified care. Once correctly installed, our security products are guaranteed to function properly for years, even under the most rigorous conditions.

Also, our High Security proprietary keyway cylinders offer restricted distribution with a high level of security against unauthorized key duplication and will significantly increase the security of your premises. An excellent choice for any Commercial Lock upgrade. All of our rekeyable lock cylinders are equipped with anti-picking driver pins. And for increased protection, we suggest that your lock selection be complimented with bump resistant pins for even greater security. For more details, please see Anti-Lock Bumping Feature.

These are further backed by our Extraordinary Manufacturer Limited Warranties, Dealer Lifetime Service Guarantee, 5 Year Trade-In Guarantee, 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee and our Custom Services.

We also offer volume price discounts on all of our fine locks, including our exclusive High Security keyway locks which are only available through this website.

Plus, we can match our (regular keyway) Secure Door Locks to work with your already existing keys at no additional cost! Most our custom services are always free-NO hidden charges on the web during checkout.

We have carefully developed a variety of fine Lock Security solutions to meet your needs and giving you peace of mind. All of our preferred suppliers have worthy reputations in the security trade world. This is key for product supply, consistency, and quality. And because of our continuing will virtualy never have to buy another door lock again, even if you loose your keys!

We've been serving satisfied customers since 1982. Our reputation and your continued patronage is more important than anything else. We attribute our many years of service to your continuing support and confidence in us.

Call us now at (787)798-3700 to get the personal and immediate advice for your particular Home or Commercial Door Locks need. Se habla español.

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