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Ric answers questions about Lock Security: Home Door Locks | Commercial Door Locks | Car Door Locks

Security Door Locks: Home Door Locks | Commercial Door Locks | Car Door Locks
Looking for a more direct source of free expert advice on general and Commercial use Locks? Ask our expert, who'll answer your questions about Lock Security, Door Locks Installations, DIY, Car Locks, Security Locks Hardware, Safety Tips, and much more. A great source for reliable Locksmith contacts in your area!


Q: How do you open a Home Door Lock when its knob breaks off while you're inside a bathroom and without any outside help?

A:If reinserting the knob is not a viable option, then locate either a flat steel rod sticking out of the lock's base and turn it, this should release the lock, then turn the base neck (where the knob should be). Perhaps use tissue paper for a firm grip. The door latch should disengage immediately!

Q: I had a handyman install a new deadbolt lock on my kitchen door, but the key fits very tightly. He claims the lock is defective or perhaps because its packaging is labled for Commercial use, it may be purposely tight for heavy duty use. But it was working fine before he installed it. How can I have this fixed without wasting my time?

A:Try loosening the screws on the lock by half to one full counter turn. If this doesn't improve your deadbolt lock's function, try some WD-40 penerant oil. Make sure the straw enters as far as it can inside the lock cylinder. Also, check that the key is not bent, this creates heavy friction against the cylinder keyway. Your best remedy is to call on a certified locksmith. Check on our Locksmiths Referrals page to locate one in your area.

Q: Why do I have to jiggle my key inside my chevy's door lock so that it can turn open?

A:Your lock sounds as if its very worn-down. If plain lock lubrication doesn't impove it much, then just get a new one right here. We provide a very economical purchase alternative, so look over our new GMC Locks

Q: My Ford F-150 was broken into through the driver's side door lock. The lock amazingly still works but it looks all twisted-up. What will it cost to have it fixed without ending up with a different key?

A:Your Ford Lock must be damaged. Check out our Car Locks Repair page. We can replace all the damaged parts while preserving its original key code. This is a very economical alternative to purchasing a brand new lock but you can also look over our new Car Door Locks selection.

Q: Can I buy through the internet, a ¨chip¨ key already programmed to my car?

A:Absolutely not! Anyone that claims such a thing without having access to a working transponder key or to your car's computer ABII port, is quite possibly a scammer.

Q: I lost the key to my Mailbox Lock in my apartment building complex. How can I have it replaced without getting into trouble with the post office?

A:I don't believe you'll get into any trouble with USPS as long as you have a proper working mailbox lock installed on your lid. Check on our Mailbox Locks selection page to locate the right lock for use in your mailbox.

Q: I'm having ignition start-up trouble when I try to start my 96' Pontiac Sunfire, could it be a key switch problem?

A:Possibly. Your vehicle is old enough for its magnetic security sensor, which is built into the ignition lock cylinder, to be now failing. You are probably having a red intermittent "SECURITY" icon lighting up somewhere on your dash guage. A quick replacement of this worn-out GM cylinder should do the trick. Check-out our General Motors Car Locks page and get your new ignition lock keyed to your existing Sunfire key.

Q: HELP!!! My store's padlocks are regularly vandalized with super glue, match sticks and even with broken key fragments, how can I help prevent this? Is there a special security padlock that is vandalism proof?

A:There are no vandal proof locks but many High Security Padlocks do seem to be vadal resistant, particularly those with restricted key ways. Periodically apply a generous coating of lubricant oil inside the cylinder, this will at least help prevent any glue from adhering. See our Security Padlocks product page.

Q: Why does my Windstar / Ford Remote lock button not work yet all the other button functions work just fine?

A:Automobile remotes use micro spring switches, with wear they stop bouncing onto their electronic board contacts, specially when continually pressed hard as with the edge of a finger nail. Many times their button membranes are pierced, allowing moisture and dirt to accelarate contact corrosion. Look for the key fob accessory in our Ford Locks product page for a replacement.

Q: I have a keyed Profile Cylinder that sometimes spins freely but will not operate unless I retry several times. Is my Door Lock broken or is it the keyed cylinder?

A:My best guess is that the Profile Cylinder's tail piece is worn-out. This is a simple fix. Remove the retaining screw which is parallel to the keyed cylinder on the edge of the latch mechanism. Then jiggle out the Profile Cylinder Lock while rotating the inserted key and replace with a new Security Profile Cylinder Door Lock. Note: the tail piece and cylinder is a single unit.

Q: How can I stop crooks from wrenching off my Store Front Mortise Lock Cylinders?

A:Try installing a Mortise Cylinder Safety Ring Guard along with a solid brass 1 1/8" Mortise Lock Cylinder perhaps re-enforced with a Mortise Door Latch Protector if you have an out-swinging door. Also verify that your Narrow Stile Mortise Deadbolt Latch for your Store Front Door is in proper working order. Click here to see more Commercial Door Locks.

Q: At the dealership, I was charged over $150 for a transponder key duplicate for my 2006 Toyota Corolla...Wow! How come your Electronic Car Keys for this same vehicle cost much less,(under $100)?

A:Your Electronic Car Keys cost less with us because they are cloned programmed instead of on-board and are not tagged with the royalty expenses for original equipment branding.

Q: Where can I find an Electrical Gate Lock (the kind you can buzz people in) for exterior use?

A:Right Here! Please see our Electric Gate Locks Kits ,it includes everything you need for a basic set-up and at a bargain buy!

Q: I noticed that my 2001 GMC SIERRA ignition switch, releases the key while my car's engine is still running. How could this damage have happened?

A:You really don't have damage but it seems you do have a lot of wear and tear in the cylinder's wafers, these are the brass components that match your key's cut. Since your vehicle is about ten years old and probably used for commercial use and most likely already exceeding 100,000 miles --- be happy it lasted this long! You can order here a new Key Switch fixed to work with your already existing key, keeping the one key convenience (door locks & switch).

Q: Are high priced Commercial Door Locks really worth the expense?

A:The right locks for your particular security needs backed with a good solid warranty are surely worth anyone's peace of mind. See out complete selection of fine Commercial Door Locks, you can't go wrong!

Q: I'm confused with all the different kinds of Home Door Locks available out there. I'm just looking to buy burglar resistant Home Door Locks. Can you help point out Security Door Locks like these?

A:The vast choices of residential door locks available today, are absolutely overwhelming for anyone just wanting to replace or upgrade. Our Home Door Locks selection are of attractive designs, variable functions, reliable, durable and complemented with free extras.

Q: During a conversation, I mindlessly spun one of my briefcase's locking dials, I think that I accidently changed its original number code. How can I possibly obtain the new random code?

A: It won't cost a cent to open up your luggage piece. Patience is your key! You'll have to count off in decending numeric order while pulling on the unlocking latch. You may have up to one thousand numeric combinations to run through, but this is the best solution for code retrieval. I have personally used this method and it works every time when not rushed. It should take a maximum of about 30 minutes. Have fun.

Q: My co-worker's desk drawer key happens to work perfectly in mine... is there any truth in that most Office Furniture Locks operate with the same key?

A:Office Furniture Locks, as for file cabinets, desk drawers or other equipment alike, do not work with a "universal key". Although, due to their often miniture locking mechanisms, it is not uncommon that same brand furniture locks repeat their key combination more than they would admit. Your document security is best served with a variety of different Office Furniture name brands in your working area.

Q: Does Master Lock make the best lock ?

A:They certainly make fine locks and do have an impressive line. But the "best" lock only applies to which can do the job best for a particular need. Many manufacturers make excellent locks including the lesser known brands. It's really relative.

Q: My shop's storeroom door has a sagging lever lock handle, it still works, but can it be repaired?

A:This repair is not impossible but not worth the time and effort. If this lock is failing this way already, well its just a short matter of time before its opposite handle, also begins to sag. Simply purchase a new Storeroom Lever Lock, this one will certainly earn its keep.

Q: The electronic board in my keypad lock, looks visibly fried, yet its keyed lock portion continues to work. I've had this battery powered lock installed about three years ago. Are these locks expected to last for such a relatively short amount of time?

A:The kind of lock category that you describe are mostly O.K. quality, even the cheap versions perform relatively well in the short run. But my experience has been that anything electronic, has a much shorter life span compared to mechanical devices. Three years performance of an electronic lock does seem fairly short, but usage and eviroment must be taken into consideration. Asuming that your lock has been under normal use, such as an entry door to a home, and that it was shielded from direct outdoor exposure, then I must agree with you...YES, your door lock did not turn out to be the security hardware these are advertised to be. Although, the commercial grade of these, do seem to live up to a significantly reliable reputation, easily surpassing five years worth of commercial wear and tear.

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Your personal consultant:
Ric answers questions about Lock Security: Home Door Locks | Commercial Door Locks | Car Door Locks