Anti-Lock Bumping

Anti-Lock Bumping
Anti-Lock Bumping
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Anti-Lock Key Bumping Feature is a significant enhancement to deter "bump keys" in quality door locks. Burglaries occur every 15 seconds, according to the FBI, costing taxpayers $17.6 billion in 2007. More than 60% of burglaries show no signs of forced entry. Thieves have discovered a new method called "lock bumping". A bump key fits into any standard lock and requires only a light tap from a hammer to trip the pins.

Lock Bumping Threat!
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Where increased protection is desired, we suggest that your total lock purchase be complimented with bump resistant pins for even greater security. Buy Now! Don't wait until you or your family members become theft or burglary victims, call 1-866-444-7676 for your FREE Gift, when you Order Today! Simply click "yes" on the Anti-Lock Bumping selection column on each of your applicable cart items. You'll be glad you did.

The FBI identifies lock bumping as forcible entry, a crime category that accounted for about two-thirds of burglaries in 2006.

Key bumping is a method used to open a lock that does not require any special training and can be easily learned by anyone in a short period of time. Generally, a modified key is inserted into a lock cylinder and is then bumped with an object and, with technique, the pins inside the lock will abruptly separate momentarally, permitting the cylinder to turn, therefore unlocking.

Consumer (grade 3) pin tumbler locks can be rapidly opened by bumping. These standard locks are the most targeted to this kind of attack! But Heavy Duty Security locks, like the ones on this website, already have incorporated design protection to make them more secure against bumping.

Many people have made a purchase decision based solely on the price, only to regret that decision long after the frugal purchase was made. "Security locks are significantly more expensive than consumer grade cylinders, but they can offer increased protection against most forms of bypass including bumping," wrote Marc Weber Tobias, in a 2006 analysis on lock bumping. Our Security cylinders are designed with a proprietary keyway profile, a feature that contributes greatly to "lock bumping" resistance.

Our restricted key control Security cylinders offer a high level of security against unauthorized key duplication and will significantly improve the security of your premises. These cylinders are equipped with anti-picking driver pins and our High & Maximum Security key blanks are only available through this website which carefully ensures that keys are not issued without official authorization.

Where increased protection is desired, we suggest that any of our locks, with the exception of our Maximum Security Keys and cylinder locks, be complimented with added bump resistant cylinder pins for even more security. According to Michelle Boykins, of the National Crime Prevention Council, "this method won't work on a high security lock." Check-Out our complete selection of High Security Door Locks.Buy Now! Don't wait until you or your family members become theft or burglary victims, call 1-866-444-7676 for your FREE Gift, when you Order Today!

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Anti-Lock Bumping