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Over 25% of break-ins are committed using duplicate keys! [more]

Sure, it's just a lock. Like theft is just bad manners. Peace of mind is quality & good value you can trust. Whatever your Security Lock Hardware application ... Home, Office or Business / Commercial Locks, we're sure to have a solution backed with dependable quality. Get reliable service and expert advice. Peace of mind, that means higher security for less money. Would you pay someone to change a light bulb? If you can change a light bulb, you can change a door lock. Save some money by replacing your lock, these typically install easily in a few minutes with just a Phillips screwdriver!

Don't just lock it...SECURE IT! "We've got our reputation to protect, we wouldn't recommend any lock hardware unless we knew they worked," Mr. Ulrico Muñoz, president of MUÑOZ CENTER LOCKS, Inc. & Peerless Door

Yeah...we probably got it! From commercial door locks with keys, commercial glass door locks, electric strikes to specialty panic bars. Our online lock store sells the best main Types of Locks for general and Heavy Duty Commercial use Locks for various security needs be it for wood or aluminum - steel doors. If you are part of a small business or even if you are a do-it your-selfer at home, ordering just got a lot easier for New Lever Lock - Lever Handles, Commercial Glass Door Locks, Mortise Lock Cylinders, Electric Strikes, Magnetic Door Locks, Knob Locks, Commercial Deadbolt, certified Commercial Quality Locks: Commercial Padlocks, Exit ~ Panic Bars or other specialty Door Locks Hardware. We supply you with the different types of Security Lock Hardware any time you need it to fit your special need! Install it yourself -- our experts can help you save money and get the most desired results.

Precision security at its best. Our services, some are are surprisingly free, include personalized implementation of master key systems and access control systems, all designed to protect your business, allowing complete access control of your lock hardware systems.Door Lock Hardware guaranteed to meet or exceed professional locksmith standards. Here you can search and shop for Same Key Home Door Locks, Car Door Locks, Magnetic Electric Lock, Office Furniture Locks, Car Keys, Commercial Locks or even Commercial Door Locks Security Lock Hardware, and have great Lock Security shipped FREE right to your door step. All this backed by our exclusive Best Low Price Guarantee !

The best home & commercial door lock hardware control starts here. Upgrade your entry door locks today with our secure and reliable lock hardware. With these locks, you just can't go wrong. These locks are grade 2 to provide higher than standard security. Our Lever Lock, Mortise Lock, Knob Locks, Electronic Keyless Door Locks, Electric Strike Lock Systems, Glass Door Lock and Commercial Deadbolt Locks combine the strength, simplicity, and reliability with hard-to-find function features such as special restricted high security keys. Our extensive Heavy Duty Door Lock lines includes Home Door Lock & Commercial Door Locks for wood doors or metal doors with conventional rim, Mortise Lock, Knob Locks, Lever Lock and Commercial Deadbolt Locks. In addition to key compatible padlocks, Buzz In electric locks, Convenience Store Magnetic Lock Kit Systems, automatic door locks for business, office or home and other specialty Secure Door Locks hardware. And don't forget to check out our Magnetic Locks for Glass, Wood, Aluminum & other Metal Doors.

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"Those Nasty Do-Not-Duplicate Keys"

Why Buy From Us?

* We Have Hundreds of Thousands Satisfied Customers

* Fast & Simple Locksmith Quality Hardware

* We Buy Factory Direct and Pass the SAVINGS on to YOU!


* Low Cost Express Shipping



* Commercial Quality Door Locks (Lever Lock, Mortise Lock, Knob Locks, Deadbolt Locks, Electric Strikes, Exit~Panic Bars)

* Knowledge, Honesty & Integrity & MUNOZ CENTER LOCKS,Inc. strive to be a reliable online lock store with effective security solutions for people and businesses throughout the U.S. Our vision is to be noted as the most dynamic online lock hardware company, creating "real world" solutions for the do-it-yourself consumer.

Many types of locks in large box retail stores focus mostly in pricing and flashy packaging, sacrificing performance with inferior levels of protection that these popular brands have been known to deliver. Cutting corners doesn't cut it when it comes to anyone's security! And forget about effective Commercial Lock Hardware selections. Too many people believe it would be very easy to pick out door locks. Different security needs are better met with hardware aimed with a particular function and performance.

Many Home and Commercial Locks sets mislead that they will adequately defend your property just because its a popular brand name. Unfortunately, some of these brands also offer many lower standard Security Lock category locksets than can easily confuse anyone not aware of the many different Secure Door Locks functions and quality grades, especially in the Commercial Locks for Doors such as the Electronic Keypad Door Lock category. Buyer beware!

Don't just lock it! We offer locks that are superior to the standard Door Security Lock Sets commonly available at local hardware & home improvement stores, giving you greater peace of mind because you're not just getting the good're getting the right stuff! Our New Door Locks offer Custom Locks Hardware which are cost effective therefore ideal for your home or business because of their free Same Key operation, (optional) registered High Security Locks key control, lock picking and key bumping resistance.

Our grade 2 commercial locks are for general & specialty commercial applications. How does Peerless Door Locks sell High Security Locks and Keys at such low prices? We buy direct from the factories who also supply the major brands and sell direct to you. It's just that simple! We stock and drop-ship top notch Lock Hardware products for your business or home with wood doors or metal doors. We also carry original manufacturer's Car Locks, and much more like our latest Commercial Door Hardware with Keypad Keyless function.

These are certified secure locks with available upgrades for most any ready to be replaced Home Door Locks, Commercial Door Locks, Apartment Locks, Magnetic Door Lock kits,Mailbox Locks or Office Locks & Keys.

Take advantage of our FREE Lock & Key matching. Overloaded key rings can be replaced by a single master key. A master key enables managers, particularly commercial building managers, to open every lock in the system while other users are provided with keys that only open specific locks. A customized key system can be further enhanced with FREE ,High Security upgrading.

As you revisit our web store you will notice that we take special interest in presenting new Commercial Lock Hardware entries that are more economical and contribute in the overall security of your business or office, for example see our latest Electric Locks . Buzz In Lock kits (sometimes confused with Magnetic Door Lock systems) can automatically lock your entry door allowing the manager to control when customers may enter while allowing those already inside to exit the business or office by pressing an exit button.

We also regularly add to our Entry Keypad Door Lock selections and in the Electronic Car Chip Keys & Car Locks sections. Please check our New Arrivals in order to keep you informed about these and other products --- providing you with more frequent Savings opportunities!

All orders are 100% secure and shipped quickly (usually same business day) when you shop online. Don't wait, order your Security Commercial Lock TODAY! (Cerrajero en Bayamón P.R. 00959)

Commercial Door Locks

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