Car Security Locks: Ford Car Door Locks & Car Key Switch
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Ford & Mercury Car Locks
Ford & Mercury Car Locks
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Ford & Mercury Car Locks

Ford Door Locks & Ford Keyed Ignition Locks: Buy OE Ford Door Locks & Ford Keyed Ignition Locks matched to your existing Ford Key. Shop Now! You're guaranteed to get manufacturer authorized OE Car Security Locks quality replacement Ford Lock Cylinders. Our OE Ford & Mercury Automotive Car Locks are all guaranteed to fit your vehicle.

All our genuine Ford Ignition Key Lock Cylinders and Car Door Locks are already custom keyed to your vehicle's identification number (VIN#, usually visible on a tag through the driver's side windshield and available for most Ford & Mercury from 2003 - Present.) Or you can simply mail us a working mechanical key copy of your Automotive Locks ( please call for details). Buy our original equipment electronic Car Chip Keys and save when you program them yourself, without any equipment, find out how by clicking Here. All this backed by our exclusive Best Low Price Guarantee! Please note that cut keys cannot be refunded, returned, cancelled or credited but are 100% guranteed in materials and workmanship.


How to retrieve,locate and program most FORD vehicle's Keyless Keypads:

You can get access to your keypad's code various ways. You may try to locate a plastic card which has your keypad's code recorded on it and was included with the car's manual when first purchased.

You may try visiting your local Ford dealership, this may cost you around $100+, or you can also visit your trusted locksmith which may charge about $60+ or you can even try to retrieve the factory code located right in your vehicle!

This code is printed on a label which is installed on the Remote Anti-theft Personality (RAP) Module. This is the device that monitors the keyless entry system. It is commonly located in the left rear quarter and located behind a removable molded plastic panel.

The code you are searching for is 5 digits long and is permanently programmed from the factory and are unique to each vehicle. With this code on hand you can operate all door locks through the keypad plus you can also modify these digits into an easier code for you to remmember.


Nationwide in 2007, there were an estimated 1.1 million (1,095,769) thefts of motor vehicles.

An estimated 93.1 percent of the Nation’s motor vehicle thefts occurred in Metropolitan Areas in 2007.

Estimated value of motor vehicles stolen in 2007 was $7.4 billion, averaging $6,755 per stolen vehicle.

Automobiles accounted for 73.4 percent of the motor vehicles reported stolen in 2007.

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Ford RemotesFord Remotes

These remotes are very easy to program on board your vehicle without the need for specialized equipment or know how and you don't have to deal with complicated programing procedures. We also include FREE programming instructions with every Ford remote fob. Programming should take a couple of minutes, really! If in the unlikely event, you encounter programming failure, you may have to schedule a visit with your local Ford dealer for a necessary vehicle electrical diagnosis.

New! Soft Remote Skins Slip On to Protect a Car Remote

• Transform your car remote! • Protect, customize and repair your car remote. • Made of soft, water-resistant neoprene which limits fraying. • Tough, clear vinyl window provides high visibility of remote buttons. • Slip the cover over a broken remote to make broken remotes usable again.

Auto Theft Safety Tips:

Park with security in mind! Always approach your vehicle with keys in hand.

Help Keep All Children Safe:

Don't let your child out of a vehicle that is not next to an unobtructed curb.

Take the following additional steps to help protect your property:

* Park in well lit areas when possible. Avoid leaving your vehicle in unattended parking lots for long periods of time. * Keep your keys in your pocket or purse. Never put an identification tag on your key ring. If your keys are lost or stolen, it could help a thief locate your car or burglarize your home. * Lock the car whether you leave for a minute or several hours. Make sure the windows are closed and the trunk is locked. This includes vehicles parked inside your garage. * Do not leave important identification papers in the glove compartment or console. * If you have to leave a key with a repair shop or a parking lot attendant, leave only the ignition key. It takes very little time to copy a key, combined with your address information from the vehicle registration, this could lead to residential burglaries or worse.


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NEW! Key Code Registry Service

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Car Security Locks: Ford Car Door Locks & Car Key Switch
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