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Installing a Plug-In Ignition Key Switch

Dodge,GM & Ford Keyed Ignition Locks: Buy OE Chrysler,GM & Ford Keyed Ignition Locks matched to your existing Key! Automobiles get stolen or broken into every minute of everyday in virtually all states in the US. Get your Jeep,GMC & Ford Door Locks: Buy OE Ford Door Locks matched Free to your existing Car Key. Make sure your vehicle is protected. Order Now! Please see your DIY Savings! Plus, all this backed by our exclusive Best Low Price Guarantee! Don't wait,order your car lock replacement today!

When your motor vehicle or fleet require Ignition Key Locks or Car Door Locks repairs or replacement or even duplicates of Electronic Car Keys, you want to make certain that you get the best value for quality. That's where our Car Locks hardware comes in.

With our american Automotive Locks you get optimum value and unlike our competitors, we provide all our Car Key Switch and Car Locks sets, with a level of quality that's equivalent to original equipment Automotive Car Locks standards. Our products are designed for Ford, Mercury, Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, Buick, Chevrolet, Chevy, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Cadillac, General Motors & GMC.

With our Car Security Locks, you're guaranteed to get manufacturer authorized OE quality replacement Car Door Locks and Ignition Key Lock Cylinders. These Automotive Car Locks are all guaranteed to fit your U.S. made automobile thus avoiding common problems with Car Locks.

Plus, all our fine Ignition Key Lock Cylinders and Car Door Locks are already key coded to your vehicle! Your Automobile Door Locks and Ignition Key Lock Cylinders are custom keyed to your vehicle's identification number (VIN#, usually visible on a tag through the driver's side windshield and available for Ford & Mercury 2001 - Present, Jeep, Chrysler & Dodge from 1997 - Present .) Or you can simply mail us a working mechanical key copy of your Automotive Locks ( please call us for details).Please note that none of our car door lock cylinders include tail pieces also known as lock pawls, these are available seperately and may be selectively offered at an additional cost.

We Have Your Electronic Car Chip Key!

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Through this on-line store you can get value and convenience with our innovative Vehicle Key Services. Now you don't have to take your vehicle to be serviced by the auto dealer just to get extra duplicates of your Micro Chip Keys also plainly called Chip Keys.

Save time and money doing it your way! We offer Security Lock Electronic Car Chip Keys at a great value price. Our Vehicle Key Services provide you with the choice to Replace Car Keys economically and quickly, saving you the pains of having your vehicle serviced with the auto dealer. No doubt our Electronic Chip Keys are an affordable, quick and convenient solution for todays Chip In Car Keys.

Most vehicles manufactured during the past decade are equipped with Security Lock Anti Theft Auto Keys also known as Immobiliser Keys, Micro Chip Keys or Transponder Keys. These Electronic Car Keys have of course, electronic circuitry embedded in their plastic shell and some are also merged with remote fobs.

Auto Chip Keys are basically composed of a micro electronic circuit board, which responds to an electronic interaction with a programmed response. The interaction in these Computer Chip Keys can be a fixed radio frequency echo or a more sofisticated algorithim code assuring Security Lock protection.

If the Car Chip Keys are within a physical proximity, its radio frequency pulse will activate an internal coil antenna. Current in the coil charges the electrolytic capacitor which wirelessly generates power for the Transponder Anti Theft Auto Key system in your vehicle.

The bow of these fixed Car Chip Keys conceal glass encapsulated circuitry submerged in electrolytic liquid, such as the ones initially produced by Texas Instruments and widely used by Ford vehicles.

The later Auto Chip Keys have replaced the glass style capsule for a smaller plastic encapsulated micro chip. These newer Computer Chip Keys are noticeably smaller and with more advaced capabilities.

These now common Electronic Chip Keys were first mass produced in vehicles during the mid 80's and sold throughout europe. Chip Keys operate in a passive mode and do not require a battery but does have a Transponder Key power source. The Immobiliser Keys unique coding, which expand into the trillions, is read wirelessly when you turn the key in the ignition switch ---- some even work when you're at proximity range of the vehicle, introducing all of us to new Security Lock technology.

This last generation of Immobiliser Keys are in fact not designed to be used like conventional Chip In Car Keys. These newer Anti Theft Auto Keys do not rely on the mechanical key blade for door locks to operate, no need for pressing buttons and amazingly, a metal key is not needed for the ignition to operate. Needless to say, to Replace Car Keys with this proximity feature will need professional Vehicle Key Services with well trained and experienced locksmith technicians.

Electronic Car Chip Keys have already proven to be highly effective theft deterrants. Recent FBI automotive theft statistics have indicated lower car thefts perhaps due these mass produced security enhancements. But on the other hand, automotive break-ins have continued to escalate.

Though these high tech Security Lock systems can be indeed expensive to service, their security effectiveness out weighs the cost, explaning why automotive manufacturers are making Micro Chip Keys standard equipment in most all automobiles.

INSIDER'S TIP:Auto Chip Keys, Electronic Car Keys, Car Chip Keys, Immobiliser Keys, Computer Chip Keys and more appropriately, Transponder Keys, all refer to the same Anti Theft Auto Keys Security Lock function.

Saving Money On The Right OEM Lock Replacement For Your Car Is Now Easier Than Ever.

With our experience, vast knowledge and support service, you can be assured of a quality - dependable automotive key lock that'll meet your specific requirements and with numerous models to choose from, all designed to fit and work perfectly in your FORD, MERCURY, GENERAL MOTORS, DODGE, CHRYSLER or JEEP vehicle.

It Takes Over 20,000 Part Assemblies To Make A Modern Car.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) engineer and produce automotive component parts for the big car companies. These OE Manufacturers often have the rights to sell these same parts under their own branding names and packaging while the big car companies also sell these same outsourced parts under their own brand names through-out authorized car dealers and auto part stores.

Shop With Us & Save Big Today!

The big car companies' branded parts always carry premium pricing versus the OEM parts which are available at a much lower cost but are not inferior in design or workmanship because they are the same automotive component parts all along.

Kids And The Planet

We too share deep concerns on things like child safety and recycling to help the world around you stay a little safer, too.

When you shop at Peerless Door, you can be confident your family, employees, vehicles and other property are well protected.

Auto Theft Safety Tips:

An expert auto thief can break into and steal most cars in less than a minute, don't make it easier by not replacing your already faulty car door locks. Keep windows closed and doors locked at all times, even if you are driving! This habit reduces your chances of becoming a theft target by up to 60% Take a look at The Ultimate Theft Proof Car.

Help Keep All Children Safe:

All children must wear seat belts and appropriate child safety seating when riding in a vehicle.

Take the following additional steps to help protect your property:

* Park in well lit areas when possible. Avoid leaving your vehicle in unattended parking lots for long periods of time. * Use an anti-theft device whenever you leave your car. * Secure your car whether you leave for a minute or several hours. Make sure the windows are closed and the trunk is locked. This includes vehicles parked inside your garage. * Do not leave important documents in the glove compartment or console. * When parking your car, turn your wheels toward the curb to make it more difficult for a thief to "tow" your car. * Use your emergency brake when your park. * If you have to leave a key with a repair shop or a parking lot attendant, leave only the ignition key. It takes very little time to copy a key, combined with your address information from the vehicle registration, this could lead to residential burglaries or worse.

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Car Locks: Car Door Locks, Ignition Key Lock & Electronic Car Chip Keys
Ford, Mercury, Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, Buick, Chevrolet, Chevy, Oldsmobile,Pontiac, Cadillac,General Motors & GMC